Saturday, March 22, 2014

Adding BIG numbers (FREEBIE included)

We've been working on 3-digit addition and subtraction the past weeks. My students really got the hang of addition by making models and using the algorithm as well. I love making my own work mats. I typically give them to students in a sheet protector and students take them out and use with an expo marker during lessons. I would love to share my 2 & 3-digit addition work mats with you for FREE! The 10 in the house represents the group of ten that are boxed up and moved to the next place value.
Click HERE to get the freebie.

When we reveal the sum we usually do a drum roll and shout "The sum is ___!" It helps students to remember the meaning of "sum." We make a trumpet sound for subtraction. "The difference is (trumpet sound) ___!" The subtraction mat can be found in my Subtract Like a Ninja pack.

Hope this helps your kiddos as they learn to work with "big" numbers. Enjoy your weekend!

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