Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cutest classroom sharpener

Have you heard of the Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener? I pinned it on my Back To School Wishlist board on Pinterest a while back. It just looked super cool and so vintage! 

So, I finally got one and am ready to tell you all about it now that I tried it out. Now, I was ridiculously excited when it arrived in the mail in a small box. By the way, I love love love online shopping. It's so fun to be surprised by purchases that arrive suddenly in the mail. *Note: this only works when you don't check the tracking number daily
Firehouse Red
I giddily opened the package, grabbed a pencil, and... had no idea how to use the sharpener!! I was like "What? This is not working." So, I remember skimming a review and reading that there was a Youtube video with directions for using this thing. I immediately grabbed the laptop and searched for the video. I found a good one and was like "Okay! I can do that!"
Click HERE to watch the video.

First of all, I didn't even put the pencil in right! OOPS! Second, I was turning the handle in the wrong direction. Jeez, get it together!

I tried the pencil sharpener without mounting it because I'm super impatient. I pulled the tab and inserted the pencil. Turned that lever in the CORRECT direction and VOILA! A super sharp pencil! Like scary sharp! I can't wait to mount this baby in my classroom! 

Oh, and I will probably be the only person sharpening pencils or maybe I'll show a few students how to use it. Typically, I'm the only person who sharpens pencils in my class. I occasionally have students from previous years who offer to sharpen them during recess (of course I love older helpers). What are your pencil sharpening practices?
My old sharpener was an X-Acto School Pro Electric Sharpener. It lasted almost the entire school year. It was such a bummer that the blade dulled so quickly.I had to break out the school-issued pencil sharpener. It's sooooo loud. It's definitely not my fave, but it's gotten the job done.  I have recently found that the blades can be replaced on the X-acto sharpener for about $25. 
I'll see how the Quietest Classroom Sharpener works out and keep you posted on its endurance. Now I've got to go find a place to mount it in my classroom so I can hurry up and sharpen all those new pencils!! If you want one, you can head to Classroom Friendly Supplies {SHOP].

Totally in love!

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