Monday, April 14, 2014

Science Club: Reviewing some ROCKIN' resources

Well, I’m wrapping up Science Club (insert cry baby face) and wanted to share a few of the resources I found on TpT. My school offers teachers the opportunity to lead an Extended Learning group. The group consists of 10 students from our own classes. The purpose is to offer At or Above-grade level students more instruction in science or social-studies. I absolutely LOVE science, so of course I jumped at the chance to teach it. This is my third year doing this and it's always so much fun. We learned all about rocks and fossils. Our time together sure flew by! It was hard to pack in quality instruction into 45 minute sessions.

My Rockin Vocabulary cover was printed on construction paper to cut costs.

Here are some of the resources I used to guide and instruct my students:
Quakin Earth Rocks by Stephanie Stewart
It is nicely sequenced and is jam-packed with articles as well as interactive activities for students. It's been easy to implement the lessons in the order they were provided. My kiddos have really enjoyed reading and learning about rocks and minerals. I think their favorite so far has been learning about volcanoes. As we prepared our volcano for an eruption one of my kiddos exclaimed, "Volcano day is awesome!"
Click on the COVER to go to Stephanie Stewart's TpT store

"Classifying Rocks" from Shakin Quakin Earth Rocks
Building our Volcano!
We drew the outside, inside, and the eruption of a volcano.

Rocks and Minerals by Common Core and So Much More 
I used this pack last year and was pleasantly surprised when I found that it had been updated. It has fantastic vocabulary posters with photos and student-friendly definitions.

Click on the Cover to see this pack on TpT
Rocks and Minerals Science Unit by Full Court Learning
I had so many resources that I didn't quite get to reuse this pack this year, but it's also amazing. It has a printable booklet that's all in color. Last year, my students' eyes lit up when they found out they were getting their own color copy. It includes diagrams and plenty of vocabulary. It even has assessments in order to determine what students have learned.
Click on the Cover to see this pack on TpT
Although our after school sessions have ended, I plan to use lunch time to get in some more instruction. We barely made it to fossils! Our study trip will be to a Fossil Museum that’s not too far away, so I’d like to make sure they have a good understanding before we head there.

Now, I'm off to work on my Grammar Pack. It's Spring Break for me (Wooo!!) and I'm determined to wrap it up. 

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