Sunday, January 26, 2014

I "Mustache" You a Question

How do you teach students to ask questions?
Usually my students struggle to differentiate between statements and questions. So when I saw Melonheadz's cutesy mustache clip art pack I knew I had to use it for this question pack. I LOVE the latest mustache craze and so do my students. I enjoyed creating these question writing & sorting activities. 
At the beginning of the week I started off by identifying the reasons we ask questions. Then, as a class we generated question words. I was pleasantly surprised that many of my students were able to share some question words. We then used these questions words to write questions as a class. Once students understood how they might phrase a question, they wrote questions they might like to ask a classmate. Some of their questions included: What’s your favorite video game? How old are you? They were thrilled that they would get to ask their questions AND get a mustache. I think this was my definitely their favorite activity of the week. My kiddos walked around the room with their questions and mustaches. They approached one another and said “I mustache you a question” and proceeded to ask a question from their papers. 
At the end of the week we practiced asking questions about Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night. I chose two pages for students to review. We looked them over, then wrote something they we were wondering about. It didn’t have to be a question that could be answered by reading the text. 

This was a super fun way for my second graders to review and practice asking questions. If you’d like to check out the pack it’s in my TpT store. Click {HERE} to see it.

That's it for me today friends. Have a fantastic week!

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