Monday, June 9, 2014

June Currently

I’m thrilled to be linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade (it’s been way too long). I’ve been terrible about keeping up my blog.

I’ve been watching the Finals with my husband. I’ve kind of become a freak about basketball thanks to my husband.

I’m so happy I can finally relax! If you read my last post or follow on IG, you might have heard that Friday was my last day. As sad as I was to leave I’m glad I can finally breathe and be normal.

Next year, is going to be so different as I navigate a new school and grade level. It was my idea to move to first, but I’m still a little scared now it’s going to become a reality. I already have some summer PD lined up though. My biggest concern is literacy since there seems to be more of a focus on decoding, rather than reading comprehension. Of course, I have had plenty of experience working with students in the same range. I have to remind myself that I’m only moving one grade level and not to worry. Sometimes, I worry too much and second-guess my abilities.

I would love to organize all the stuff I brought home with me! Holy cow! I put everything in my teacher room and it is jam-packed. So much for putting that room together this summer! I’m hoping to organize the boxes so I can move around in there at least. All of my crafting and Smashbook goodies are in there.

I’m headed to the TpT conference next month!! Are you going? I really need to book a room before everything fills up. I did book my first Cirque du soleil show though! Super excited! What are your favorite things to do in Vegas?

#1 I can finally get to work on my summer bucket list! Hooray! Teaching is definitely my passion. During the school year I pretty much dedicate myself to my profession. Of course, there is good and bad in this. I really neglect my home, so it sure needs me during the summer. We built our home and moved into it 2 ½ years ago, yet we have no photos up. Yikes! I always joke that it could be anyone’s home because of how few pictures there are around the house. My goal is to put up a gallery wall in the entryway full of pictures and artwork that we have. I hope I can fill it up (it’s a long hallway). #2 I would love to read a good book for leisure. This NEVER happens during the school year. I can never seem to find enough time. Perhaps Divergent or Legend. Do you read during the school year? Do you read during the school year? If so, how do you fit it into your schedule? #3 Again, since I’m moving to first I would like to look over the curriculum get some planning done this summer. That’ll help ease some of the butterflies.

Stay tuned! I’ll keep you posted on my progress. ^_^


  1. Good luck switching grade levels! I am sure you will be fantastic! I am a second grade teacher and I can imaging how daunting that must feel to you to switch. I am new to teacher blogging and found your blog from the Currently link-up. Come visit our page at! Enjoy your summer!

  2. Hi! I found you through this months Currently. I love to read for leisure but also can't find time to do so during the school year. I plan to do plenty this summer. Don't worry about 1st grade, I've taught it and it's not so bad...though I still prefer 3rd. You'll be great I'm sure. Come visit me at and have a great summer!