Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CCSS Gradebook for 20 OR 25!

The winner's of my Common Core Gradebook are Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Wendy from Peace Love & Little People! I'll be emailing you shortly, ladies. 

I've already modified the gradebook for next school year as well (can not seem to stay away from my computer). I currently have a class of 20, but that will likely change next year. My class size will most likely increase to 25 like other primary classes in my district. Not even going to cry about it yet. I am trying to figure out how to reconfigure my room and where to put more desks though. Yikes! Back to the gradebook... I try to keep to as few pages as I can to save on ink and paper. I HATE having to flip through a million pages when reviewing data. So, I revised the gradebook for 20 and squeezed in room for 5 more students. Of course, that means it's a little more squished. I hope someone finds it useful. I'll definitely be using it next year.

If you still would like either Gradebook they're up for $1.00 on TpT until tomorrow morning. 
Click HERE to see the Gradebook for 25 students.

That's all for tonight friends!

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