Friday, July 19, 2013

Giveaway #2 & Favorite Pins Friday

A favorite pin linky party? I'm all over it! Have you seen my boards? They're kind of out of control. I usually pin like it's my job! Seriously, you'd think I was getting paid to pin. Lately, I've been so busy though! I couldn't believe how few pins I had for the week, but I'm linking up with The First Grade Parade anyway.

I found this lovely printable. Printables make for easy peasy decor. Print and place in a lovely frame. Super easy right?! Just FYI the entire blog is fabulous. Adding it to my list. You should definitely check it out.

Pin from The Elli Blog

My hubby and I have been getting our guest room together! FINALLY! We've been in our home for nearly 2 years and our "guest room" has become more of a storage room. Random furniture, toys for the nieces & nephews, and lots of Christmas boxes (we love Christmas). We ordered a bed and are keepin' an eye out for a place to put those toys. I was thinking a basket, but then I came across this ottoman. So pretty!
Pin from Decoist

The next pin is actually school related. It came from My Second Sense. I'm always needing class lists and I print them when I need them. Hello! Why haven't I printed a few off and kept them handy? This would be so much more efficient. 
Pin from My Second Sense

Okay..... It's time for Giveaway #2!! Check out all the good stuff below. There's still time to enter Giveaway #1 if you haven't yet. Head over there! Quick!

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  1. I love the idea of the name booklet. I may have to do that after I get my class list! Wanted to stop by and tell you I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Come see the details on my blog!
    Enchanting Elementary

    1. Thanks so much Laura! I actually just received the award a week ago and was super excited. I appreciate you considering me. *Smiles*

  2. I loveeee all the little thumb nails! It's so cute! You're doing great!