Thursday, July 11, 2013

Make Your Own Image & 100+ Fab Followers!

I'm new to the world of blogging, so this may be (yawn) old news to you. I was bouncing up and down because I was so proud of myself when I figured it out though. ^_^ I've seen some really cute Bloglovin’ graphics and decided to make my own. So, you need Powerpoint and Paint. Got it? Awesome!

Here's what I did:
1. I opened Powerpoint and chose the rounded rectangle shape. I changed the color to pink.
2. I inserted a text box and typed in the “P”.
3. Open Paint. Select the images and copy them.
4. Paste the images onto the new Paint page.
5. Select your image and crop it to eliminate the white edges.
6. Resize depending on how large of a graphic you’d like. I reduced my image to 20% (vertical/horizontal).
6. Save as a PNG and insert into your blog as an image.
Check mine out on the right! I've included some screenshots below as well. I hope this helps someone. 

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Step 1

Step 2

 Step 4

Step 5

Time seems to have gotten away from me! I've been meaning to put together a giveaway to celebrate a milestone...I've gained 100 followers! I would love to invite you to share your blogs, stores, and items with my followers. If you'd like to donate an item please complete the form (I would appreciate it so so much). I'll gladly offer you any item from my TpT store in return as well.

Looking forward to this celebration! 


  1. I soooo needed this post! I needed those little buttons and had no idea how to make them. Thanks so much!

    24/7 Teacher: Amy Harrod

  2. Just donated to your giveaway!

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