Sunday, July 21, 2013

Winner & a FREEBIE for you

I'm linking up with my friend Amy's Summer Celebration Linky Party because I have much to celebrate. 
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First, it's still summer. YIPEE!! I didn't realize some teachers go back to school so soon. It makes me anxious to see them getting ready and preparing their rooms (on Instagram). I'm like "How do I skip all those photos that make me so uncomfortable?" Are you on instagram? You can follow me if you click on the photos on my sidebar. My next celebration is not school related, but it was a very special day. My godson was dedicated at church today. Yeay! He's super sweet and my husband and I are looking forward to guiding him throughout his life. Finally, I'm still celebrating all of you fabulous people who are visiting my blog. I even have a FREEBIE to share with you! I'll get back to that in a second...

Hooray! We have a winner for Giveaway #1!!! Holly S. please be on the lookout for emails and start looking for those winner's choice items.
Obviously, there was only 1 winner. Boooo!! Oh, you'd probably never boo. I boo at things ALL the time (I try to keep it to myself). Like on Big Brother when mean-spirited people win things. Anyways... I thought I'd share a freebie with EVERYONE. Woohoo! One of my current projects is a money unit. Sidenote: I LOVE teaching math. It's my absolute favorite thing to teach. By the end of the year all of my students are happily chanting "Math time! Math time" in a sing-song voice. It's a fun transition. Common Core is shifting the introduction of money and coins to second grade. Yikes! That seriously terrifies me. So, I'm working on a unit with some games to build students' understanding of money and coin recognition. The freebie includes the money posters and Money Poem. I included two sets of money posters. Do you use the hair system when teaching the coin values? I saw it done before beginning my teaching experience and have found it to be incredibly helpful when teaching students to add coins. Each "hair" is actually a line drawn on a coin that represents 5. A nickel has 1 hair, which means it's worth 5 cents. A quarter has 5 hairs because if a student skip-counts they'll reach 25. I've found that some students need this system and some don't. My first instinct was to make all students draw the hairs, but found that some students didn't need them. Thanks a bunch for following! I'd REALLY appreciate feedback if you have a moment as well. 
*This freebie will be up until Wednesday 7/24
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Okay folks! That is all for tonight. I'm so very ready for bed. Just one last reminder... Giveaway #2 ends Monday night! Click HERE to hop on over there.


  1. I've seen a lesson about the hairs on You Tube but I didn't have enough time to get into that with my kiddos. I can't wait to see the lesson. It's funny that you say boo because I have a student that used to say that all the time.

    1. I can't say that this is much of a lesson. It's really the posters to display. I always just introduce the coins with the hairs and explain what they represent. It's kind of funny because students start calling the hair on the nickel a mohawk and the half-dollar has hair and beard. Students won't have any prior knowledge (first CCSS group) when it comes to money this year. Yikes!

  2. Carol, I have to tell you I saw your comment on Kristin's Teeny Tiny Teacher blog and had to write to you- that is EXACTLY what I would say to somebody asking me if I had a blog- I love my "secret" world and blogging friends- I think it is because we found people who are the same- happy, sharing, not jealous or whatever if you actually "do" something! I just had to tell you that I totally "got" that comment! ;)
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